• IATF-16949 certified manufacturing
  • Modern technology
  • Sockets with exact spanner size
  • High-quality materials
  • Compliant to the latest EU-regulations

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ENVA sockets – Product description

Whether ratchets or torque spanners: only with the right socket can you tighten screws and nuts to the right torque. It is not only the spanner width that plays a role here; specific spanner inserts are needed for parts that are difficult to access or for particularly sensitive work.

In our ENVA range, you can expect high-quality sockets with the usual width across flats. Whether you need a 4-sided, 6-sided or 12-sided socket, whether you need a socket with 8 mm, 15 mm or 20 mm SW: ENVA offers you a wide range of high-quality sockets. Even for changing the lambda sensor, replacing the spark plugs or repairs to the alternator: we have the right thing on offer. You can choose whether you want to order specific Kraftbit inserts or opt for an all-rounder professional set that not only contains all the sockets (with or without T-profile) and bit nuts your screwdriver heart desires, but also comes with reversible ratchets, extensions and more.

With the purchase of ENVA brand sockets, you acquire a product that is in line with the times and combines OE-quality with particularly attractive conditions. The sockets are manufactured exclusively in IATF-16949 certified partner production sites. Thus we can offer you an optimal price/performance ratio.

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