AGM batteries

  • IATF-16949 certified manufacturing
  • Modern technology
  • Durable & affordable
  • Compliant to the latest EU-regulations

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AGM batteries from ENVA – Product description

More and more vehicles are equipped with automatic start-stop systems – and not without reason: start-stop systems have the great advantage of significantly reducing exhaust emissions and thus making an active contribution to environmental protection. However, the mechanism behind it is anything but gentle on the battery. The regular switching on and off of the engine in city traffic, as well as the numerous other consumers of the increasingly sophisticated on-board electronics, represent a real challenge for your car’s energy storage.

AGM batteries are designed precisely for such heavy loads – especially for start-stop systems with braking energy recovery technology (recuperation). Therefore, the battery change must always be carried out only with the energy storage device intended for your vehicle. At the latest when the car battery is defective, you will have to order a new AGM battery – conventional wet batteries or EFB batteries are out of the question.

With the purchase of an AGM battery of the ENVA brand, you receive a product that complies with all applicable EU directives. Thanks to IATF-16949-certified manufacturing in selected partner production facilities as well as strict quality processes, ENVA-AGM batteries are characterised by a particularly attractive price-performance ratio. This means you get a high-quality high-performance battery at a low price.

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